Lauren London Looks Stunning And Somber In New Beautiful Photos -- A Queen Carrying Nipsey Hussle's Legacy

Lauren London Looks Stunning And Somber In New Beautiful Photos -- A Queen Carrying Nipsey Hussle's Legacy
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Lauren London is, of course, mourning the loss of the man of her life Nipsey Hussle, who was taken away as he was helping a man in need.

Over the weekend, Lauren, her son, Kross, and all of Hussle's family appeared at the BET Awards where the late rapper and activist was honored for his extraordinary work in his community.

Prior to attending the event, it seems like Lauren's makeup artist shared a few pictures she took after getting ready.

Lauren, a mom of two, is also a model who represented several big brands in the past -- which is why no one will be surprised by the fact that she looks, classy, and somber in the photos.

In the photo shoot, Cameron and Kross' mom is dressed in black and is wearing a matching hat that hides her face. Many fans called her a queen who is standing firm for her babies and representing her king. Those same fans also shared prayers.

One person reacted to the photos by saying: "Ok people who have access to her in real life..check up on her, make sure she's eating right take food to her, make sure she has a listening ear call her, don't just say we got you on social media because it looks good..stand behind your word."

Another backer claimed: "I don't direct comments to celebrities for apparent reasons, but I felt compelled and led to sharing this sentiment and these words for Lauren and anyone who may need it. God has His hands on you @laurenlondon and He will continue to be your comforter. Grief is not easy. Sadly, you have to go through it, and there is no getting over it. I avoid telling people that they are "strong" when they mourn because what does that even mean when you are in such a sad space? Does it mean that if you cry or have a rough day that you are weak? No, it doesn't. So keep on getting through each second, minute, hour, day....with the Spirit and strength of God- For Only He can carry you through this. Some days will be better than others, but the pain and yearning for your dearly departed will always be there. May the Love of God, your focus and dedication to your children, along with your pure love and devotion to your beloved Nipsey, be your encouragement as you continue to honor Nipsey's Legacy. The type of love that you two showed the world can never die. God bless you and your children! In Jesus' Mighty name, Amen."

Lauren is resilient, fans say.

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