Lauren London Is Promoting New BET Series 'Games People Play' - Fans Offer Her Their Whole Support

Lauren London Is Promoting New BET Series 'Games People Play' - Fans Offer Her Their Whole Support
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A few days ago, Nipsey Hussle's love whom he used to call ‘his wife,’ Lauren London shared another message in his memory . She's been definitely heartbroken after his passing, but she stayed with her head high. Nipsey would have been proud of her.

Various celebrities and tons of fans have supported Lauren during these hard times, and they sent her a lot of love and prayers via social media.

Now, Lauren is trying to keep herself busy, and her latest Instagram post makes her fans happy, and they're here for it.

'Love and Respect to the cast and crew. Tune in tonight 10 pm to watch Games People Play @bet. Love y’all 💙🏁' Lauren captioned her post.

A friend told her 'Love you SO SO MUCH! Miss you and wish I could hug you! ❤️❤️' while someone else admires her strength: 'Love u and praying n admiring your strength. 🙏🏽'

A fan wrote '“If it was me, I’d tell you nigga live your life and grow. I’d tell you to finish what we started, reach them heights, you know?” 🙌🏾🏁💙🔊'

One other supporter has an emotional message for Lauren: 'Praying for you @laurenlondon...... It will be eight years in May where I buried my husband......... The shit ain't easy but you will get through this baby girl. Our youngest daughter was 1 then turned 2, 3 weeks after his funeral. Lean on GOD babygirl Lean on GOD!!!!!! I love you to Life, all will be well with your Soul! 😘'

A person tells her that 'I know your heart is heavy but trust the process! You will see your beloved one day, but until then he lives through you and will be alongside you every step of the way! We love you and will uplift you always...keep grinding baby!🙌🙌🙌💙💙💙💙'

Let's Lauren, the kids, and Nip's whole family in our prayers.

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