Lauren London Fans Feel Reassured After Tiny Harris Opened Up About Their Conversations After Nipsey Hussle's Death

Lauren London Fans Feel Reassured After Tiny Harris Opened Up About Their Conversations After Nipsey Hussle's Death
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Diva Tiny Harris has been very present for Lauren London who needs all the love and support in the world after the death of her longtime boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle.

T.I.'s wife recently did an interview with Page Six , where she explained that she talks to Lauren on a regular basis to console her; however, she can.

The petite diva had this to say: “I call her and she answers the phone. We talk.”

She went on to explain that while she wants Lauren to continue living for her sons, Cameron Carter and Kross Asghedom -- she fully understands that she is going through the pain of losing her soul mate.

Tiny confessed: “Nipsey definitely was her soul mate. Lauren still has to live life, but I know that he was the love of her life.”


Nipsey was gunned down back in March in front of his store in Los Angeles. Lauren recently shared a sweet picture of Nipsey and many showered her with love.

One person replied: "Already knowing. He was a real king. I never had someone that motivated me to win. I was always a fan of his music but an even bigger fan of his grind. I remember watching a documentary on him, and it lite the biggest fire in me. I grind 10x harder since so just though his motivation the marathon will continue forever. You’ll CONTINUE to make him proud...just like the Marathon. Whatever you need Queen sis👑💫💙."

Another commenter shared: "Your king loved you before he ever met you @laurenlondon ♥️ I hope you and @traceyeedmonds write, produce, and direct a movie about your love story."

This follower had this to say: "You are so beautiful and strong. Every day know he is watching over you and the babies. I pray God whispers a song of peace, comfort, protection, and strength in your ear every day 💙💙King and Queen!! I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up, and I tell this black love and motivation story that made history. 💙🏁🙌🏾"

A fourth fan explained: "The void of him not being there is one of the hardest things. I lose the love of my life and the father of my daughter to gun violence. It’s a pain I wouldn’t wish for anyone. I’m writing this comment as a way to send you my strength. I do understand your pain. I don’t know you personally, But, We the community love you @laurenlondon In time may your sorrow become strength during your travels to the edge of mind and back for understanding. 🙏🏿 Rest Nip peacefully."

Tiny is always there for her friends.

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  • Lookingthruwolfseyes
    Lookingthruwolfseyes Jun 15, 2019 7:22 PM PDT

    Lauren I faced death many times with the love of my life, to a lane crash, my family to a pain crash, friends dying of cancer. Plz talk to Nipsey because he's right next to you. Keep talking to him, will help you get strength. Wow, I never seen a love as strong as you two. I know the pain must me unreal. I want you to know I'm trying my best to make sure Nipsey gets justice, feel free to call. Im some one you can trust working for you and nips family. I don’t want any money, I just want to see justice, were gonna get it. Lookingthruwolfseyes windenmyhair. Ti so funny, tryn to explaining to the cops. Im glad there helping you through this.

  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Jun 10, 2019 4:24 AM PDT

    Keep doing the right thing Tiny for your husband and children. You are a strong black woman be the the wings for other young black women. Love you,stay positive.

  • Honesty Stegall
    Honesty Stegall Jun 10, 2019 3:52 AM PDT

    My GOD!!!👼👼👼👼 yal are his Angels know that he is watching over you every day!! So sorry for yal lost.....👼👼👼God has you....

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