Lauren London Enlists The Help Of Nipsey Hussle's Son, Kross Asghedom, For New Photo Tribute That Has Fans Melting

Lauren London Enlists The Help Of Nipsey Hussle's Son, Kross Asghedom, For New Photo Tribute That Has Fans Melting
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Fans all over the world have not stopped lifting Lauren London up in their prayers as she deals with the loss of her soulmate, Nipsey Hussle.

The rapper and well-known business mogul was killed in the Crenshaw area three months ago as he was set to give free clothes to a felon trying to turn his life around.

Lauren is very discreet on social media and has always kept her children -- Kross and Cameron -- away from the spotlight for them to have normal childhoods.

In a rare occasion, Lauren shared a sweet picture where she is showing off the tattoo of Nipsey on her arm. The model and actress is holding Kross' tiny hand in the photo. Lauren is not the only one who paid tribute Nipsey over the weekend.

Rapper The Game came back with his Marathon Monday series where he penned this note to his late friend: "I had two things in mind when I started to write this. Of course, my brother & his memory was one... the second was simply to tell you that you will make it through today. All it requires is self-belief & an appreciation of life itself. When I wake each day, that is pretty much all I need to be happy. Just that to start. Everything after being blessed to see another day is a bonus. God has given us life... why do we make it so hard on ourselves to live it? Why must we complicate not only our own lives... but others as well? What is to gain by ruining someone's else's day? I'm no ones judge but personally for me, I try to be as motivating & positive as I possibly can for all those around me in hopes that they will spread that same love as they roll out into their own lives."

He went on to say: "Even if the only reward was no reward at all, this is still the position I'd stand on. It feels better at the end of my days. Just the fact that I was able to be a light in someone else's day. Let's do more of that this week and less of the bullshit & gather here next Monday with our results. I love you all.... seize the day. #TheMarathonContinues."

The Game and Lauren will keep Hussle's memory alive on social media.

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