Lauren London Declares Her Love For Nipsey Hussle With These Magical Words As The Late Rapper Once More Makes History By Doing This

Lauren London Declares Her Love For Nipsey Hussle With These Magical Words As The Late Rapper Once More Makes History By Doing This
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The legacy of rapper Nipsey Hussle lives on, and even though several months have already passed since his tragic death, many are still remembering the rapper and activist fondly. They are doing their best to pay their tributes to him.

And it looks like Nipsey has been getting some more general recognition as well, outside of the confines of the entertainment industry.

Recent reports by Forbes have placed Nipsey in the top list of highest-earning celebrities who are deceased.

The list has been a popular one among entrepreneurs and financial enthusiasts, and it has led to some interesting revelations over the years.

The official report indicates that the life partner of Lauren London had managed to earn more than $10 million in the last year, which shadowed his previous financial achievements from when he was alive.

And while this should hardly be surprising to anyone, given that many celebrities tend to go through similar things after passing away, some have reportedly been impressed by the actual numbers.

Indeed, it does seem like the activist is still managing to pull in a lot of money for his estate that is managed by his brother, no doubt giving some peace of mind to the family, (especially his young children - a 10-year-old daughter named Emani and 3-year-old son Kross), he left behind.

Meanwhile, there has been some controversy over a recent court decision regarding the custody over Nipsey's daughter.

The outcome was what most of the rapper's fans expected, but it still led to some heated discussions online. It looks like the court has made its decision for good, though, and there is no going back at this point.

Via social media, Lauren shared a photo of the love of her life and told him, "I love you." Fans are lost for words over the emotional declaration.

One of them said: "I miss him, Sis. They’ll never understand how hard it gets each day."

Another commenter added: "We all do bro even to the extreme of the world. No day has gone without me looking at his picture or listening to his uplifting music. His life was a lesson for everyone that you can never give up on your dreams. Life is a marathon, only the legend wins! Nip was a legend💙💙💙 TMC.💙💙💙"

This person claimed: "They don’t know bro 😢😢 the pain gets worse every day. I know what u talking about because his death was not fair, but I know he by ur side every day telling you to keep pushing he got ur back. Do it for nip & u. Don’t let him down, and y’all came this far!!!!!!!"

The actress is holding on in a strong way.

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