Lauren London And 'Sis' Samantha Smith Celebrate Nipsey Hussle With Beautiful Words And Photos

Lauren London And 'Sis' Samantha Smith Celebrate Nipsey Hussle With Beautiful Words And Photos
Credit: Instagram

Even months after his death, rapper Nipsey Hussle remains an essential figure in the rap world, and many people have continued to follow him.

They pay their respects to him, including his life partner, Lauren London, and his sister, Samantha Smith. It does not look like the memory of Nipsey Hussle is going to diminish down anytime soon.

If anything, fans can fully expect to see people paying more and more attention to the late rapper in the near future, because it is not rare for celebrities to gain even more prominence in their deaths.

And now, Nipsey has been nominated for a total of three Grammys several months after his departure. The announcement was made just recently, and the list of nominees is quite extensive.

The event will be held in a couple of months, and tensions have been growing stronger and stronger in anticipation of what is coming.

Many fans of Nipsey have expressed an interest in seeing him win something, but it is not known if he will actually pick up a Grammy of his own.

Meanwhile, Sam and Lauren are praising Nipsey for the honor he received.

Lauren wrote: "Grammy-nominated Nip.
King Ermias
Humbled I was around such Greatness
Love You
Forever ✨💙🙌🏽"

Sam penned this kind message for the activist: "Top of tha top @nipseyhussle !! Proud of you!!! A Leader A King A Hero...unmatched. I wish we were at Merkato celebrating right now. Love You so much."

A supporter shared: "IT was in the cards alllllll along 💕"

One fan said: "We still feel him he not gone."

This person stated: "Beautiful words, Deep and very insightful!! 💙💙💙"

Reports indicate that Alicia Keys has been given the host title this time, which seems to be an okay decision in the eyes of most fans of the music and entertainment world.

Various surprises are rumored to be coming up in the big event, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Many other celebrities are slated to compete for the prestigious awards, and it looks like this is going to be one of the tougher installments of the Grammy awards so far.

Win or lose, Nipsey's fans believe he is the best and a real game-changer.


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