Lauren London And Samantha Smith Show Nipsey Hussle Massive Love With Emotional Messages And Rare Photos

Lauren London And Samantha Smith Show Nipsey Hussle Massive Love With Emotional Messages And Rare Photos
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Both Samantha Smith and Lauren London have taken to social media to pay tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. This week marked the first anniversary of the sad passing of the rapper and activist.

In 2019, Nipsey was killed by crazed gunman Eric Holder as he was helping out a man in front of his store. Nipsey's sister, Samantha, shared a few never-before-seen photos and this moving message: "What is a world without you in it
An unnatural experience
The physical absence is unbearable
So I seek comfort in the omnipresence of your spirit
Evolving beyond worldly standards
You can not be enclosed in a singular dimension
You run deep and wide and vast
The love is endless
There are No limits to your Timeless Existence
God Has Risen Ermias 🙏🏽

Lauren did the same with this emotional message: "Time is deceptive
It’s been a year since you transitioned
The pain is as heavy today as it was a year ago
God knows I would give anything to see you again
I didn’t think I was going to survive a second of any of this
Prayers have kept me together
The kids keep me going and
Gods Grace and Mercy have carried me this far
As today makes a year
I stand strong because of you
Because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way
Because I recall every late night conversation we had about resilience and fear
Because you were my greatest teacher and because you are still with us, in spirit."

The model and actress added: "With
every breath I take
I honor you
I carry this pain with purpose
I promise I will make you proud
I promise to apply everything you taught me
In life and in death
Ermias Asghedom
There will never be another
Until we are together again...
I love you beyond human understanding ( but you know that already)🏁"

One fan had this reaction: "She was a wife in every way that matters❤️ 🙏🏽 prayers up for her and the children🕊🏁💙."

Another person explained: "That's the most beautiful thing about love 😍 it sometimes beyond anything or anyone understanding ♥️♥️."

This social media user stated: "Still so sad for her. I can’t believe a year has come and gone so quickly. I can’t imagine the pain his loved ones have had to endure. My heart truly breaks for Lauren London. I truly pray her strength #Blessings."

The hip-hop icon has been a trending topic on social media.


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