Laura Prepon is planning to conquer the Annapurna Circuit

Laura Prepon is planning to conquer the Annapurna Circuit
Source: Huffington Post

We may not know much about actress Laura Prepon, but what we know is that she's quite a determined woman. Now she has set her goal to conquer the Annapurna Circuit hike found in Nepal. This decision comes after she previously climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with success. The star from the Orange is the New Black series managed to climb the highest peak in Africa earlier in 2016, after she released in March a self-help book she wrote called "The Stash Plan: Your 21-Day Guide to Shed Weight, Feel Great and Take Charge of Your Health".

The actress admitted that she had agreed to this adventure on an impulse, and in the following period she was too busy in order to properly train for this challenge. She confessed on Today, the American breakfast show, that she didn't know anything about Kilimanjaro except for the fact that it's more than 20,000 feet.

As such, she was completely unaware of the level of the training she had to do. The fact that she did not allow the necessary time for this preparation was visible in the fact that she fell ill while adjusting to the lack of oxygen long above Tanzania.

She also said that she had some bad altitude sickness and that she only had one week after she released her book until she got on the trip. Moreover, she was really worried before, but then she got herself an oxygen tank where she can sleep in in her bedroom. Despite all the worries and lack of preparation, Prepon managed to reach the top and she is happy that she pushed herself until the end. She declared that this was an experience totally worth it and that she would suggest people to go on such adventures and to overcome their fears and limitations.


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