Late David Gest Once Hired A Hit Man To Kill Elton John, Claims Bodyguard!

Late David Gest Once Hired A Hit Man To Kill Elton John, Claims Bodyguard!

According to a friend of David Gest ’s, the entertainer once swore to kill Sir Elton John!

The claim comes from Gest’s bodyguard and close friend Imad Handi, a year after the star’s death.

The odd incident allegedly happened back in 2003 when Gest vowed to hire a hit man to end Elton John but eventually changed his mind.

Imad explained that the reason why Gest was mad was because Elton John made a joke about his marriage to Liza Minelli.

At the time, Gest was living in Hawaii and he somehow got in touch with a Maori bar doorman who knew sketchy people who could help with the assassination plan.

“No one knew his name but the Maori man said he had friends who could sort it for £40,000.”

Imad also claimed that Gest asked him to check John’s diary and figure out when he’d be in Los Angeles.

In addition, he also acted as the link between the two parts and took a down payment of £20,000 to the assassins.

“I took the money in a white laundry bag to the Hilton village hotel and gave it to the man, “stated Imad.

At first, the man felt guilty but was also loyal to Gest and did what he was told. Later on, however, he realized what he was getting himself into and pleaded with him to stop the plan. He managed to convince the entertainer to call off the attack but he was asked to get the money back from the hit men.

“The man only gave me £8,000 back so David lost £12,000 but at least Elton didn’t die,” added Imad.

In April of 2016, Gest was found dead in a hotel room at the age of 62.

Ironically enough he was getting ready for a one-man show tour called David Gest Is Not Dead but Alive with Soul Tour.

The cause of death was a stroke.

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  • Steve
    Steve Apr 9, 2017 7:24 PM PDT

    Who is David Gest? Whoever he is I'm glad he's dead. Long live Elton John!

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