Last Man Standing Star Amanda Fuller Welcomes Son With Husband Matthew Bryan Feld

Last Man Standing Star Amanda Fuller Welcomes Son With Husband Matthew Bryan Feld
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Last Man Standing star Amanda Fuller has welcomed her first child. She and husband, Matthew Bryan Feld are now the proud parents to a baby boy.

The actress shared her happy news on Friday in an Instagram post. She clued her followers into her new role as mommy.

Fuller kept the exciting news to herself for a week. The first-time mom did not reveal any details about the new guy in her life. Instead, Fuller shared a photo of herself sitting in the sunshine on her bed, while weaning a breast bump.

"happiest one week of life to my new hero-my son…and my new body. we had a baby," she captioned the raw picture.

Fuller plays Tim Allen's oldest daughter Kristin on Last Man Standing . She announced her pregnancy this summer calling her pregnancy and baby a miracle.

"My love and I are expecting a little miracle baby! We are shocked, terrified and elated, and just pray we can be our best selves in bringing our little angel into this world," she shared.

It truly was a miracle the 35-year-old actress got pregnant and carried her son to term. Fuller told People magazine soon after announcing her pregnancy, doctors had told her it would be "nearly impossible" for her to have a child.

She has battled chronic illness and endometriosis her entire life. Both conditions diminished the chances of Fuller not only getting pregnant but carrying the baby to term. It was because of all the doctor warnings that the TV star did not go public with her pregnancy until she was six months along.

In the end, Fuller and her husband got their miracle baby. The Orange Is The New Black star celebrated her pregnancy and baby in a backyard baby shower that she referred to as "something out of Pinterest."

"Our private time is sacred to us, so having almost all of our favorite people in one place at the same time, in our new home nonetheless, literally showering us and our growing little bear with unconditional love and support was something I'll never forget," she said regarding her October baby shower.

Last Man Standing starlet Amanda Fuller is a mom. She welcomed her miracle son last week, after years of being told she would never get pregnant. Fans will have to tune in to Season 8 of the Fox show in January to find out if the pregnancy is written into the comedy or not.


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