"Last Man Standing" Renewed By Fox After Outcry Following Its Cancelation

"Last Man Standing" Renewed By Fox After Outcry Following Its Cancelation
Source: CarterMatt.com

According to new reports, it looks like Tim Allen's show on the ABC network, Last Man Standing, isn't going down the tubes after all. In a report from Us Weekly, Fox picked it up and resurrected it for its seventh season.

Sources close to the cast and crew explained to us, "this is great news for Tim and everyone else who's been working on the show for a long time. They're such a great team, and it didn't make sense for them to cancel it all. It had high ratings."

In a statement released to Fox News, Allen said that he and the rest of the crew were beyond "excited." The star went on to compare his show on the network to a baseball team who is crushing it until it's canceled randomly for no reason.

Allen said when he heard the news that Fox wanted more episodes of "Last Man Standing," he "fist pumped so hard" that he nearly threw his back out.

According to multiple reports, one of the reasons for its revival is fan interest and engagement. A lot of people wrote petitions for the network to pick it up.

As you may know, "Last Man Standing" isn't the only show to receive this treatment as of late. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is also reportedly in the process of getting a revival, following its cancelation just yesterday.

However, it isn't clear if it's just rumored at this point, or if a network is genuinely interested in picking it back up. The rumor has it that Hulu, the streaming giants who are in direct competition with Netflix, are supposed to order more episodes.

Interestingly enough, "Last Man Standing" was averaging around 8.3 million viewers a night during its 2016-2017 season, coming in second after "Modern Family." It isn't known as to why they chose to end it.

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