Larsa Pippen Responds To The Accusations She Cheated On Scottie!

Larsa Pippen Responds To The Accusations She Cheated On Scottie!
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Larsa Pippen addressed the rumors that her marriage with Scottie came to an end because she cheated on him! The celeb shut down those speculations and made it very clear that the real reason they separated had nothing to do with her betraying the NBA star.

She stressed that, not only was she never unfaithful to him but that they are actually still ‘best friends’ in the mid of their divorce!

Larsa shared via HollywoodLife that the two of them have a lot of love for each other and he even stops by her house ‘every day.’

‘People want to hate on me thinking I cheated on him… and that’s not even the case. That is not the issue. If that was the issue he would not be at my house every day. We would not be in the space where we are in,’ she explained via the same news outlet.

Larsa and Scottie got married back in 1997 and have four kids together.

But after their two-decades-long marriage, she ended up filing for divorce in 2018, which, as you can imagine, shocked many!

In the meantime, people online have started to theorize that what caused their split was Larsa cheating on Scottie.

Earlier this months, she also directly responded to a troll who accused her of marrying Scottie for ‘money (superficial things) instead of love’ in the first place.

She replied with: ‘Let me give u a quick lesson. Marriage is about love, respect, communication, being able to rely on the person. You think I just woke up and said I am out. Dude I went through so much but my sanity and kids come first.’

In her HollywoodLife interview, she went on to further say that: ‘I think people have an idea that I’m a certain way and I’m probably not like that. I am very much a lover. I take care of everybody I take care of my family. I defend everyone. I am very loyal and feel like a lot of people want to believe, oh she is this with Scottie. She is that with Scottie. And none of it is true. We are like best friends.’

The celeb mentioned that it should be common sense that it was not one thing that led to the split, like someone cheating, but a number of things which caused them to simply grow apart over the years.

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