Larsa Pippen Reportedly Responds To Kanye West's Anti-Abortion Tweets

Larsa Pippen Reportedly Responds To Kanye West's Anti-Abortion Tweets
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New reports suggest Larsa Pippen may have responded to the anti-abortion tweets from Kanye West , Hot New Hip Hop claimed today. The sub-tweets beneath Larsa Pippen and Kanye West's supposed exchange this week has people thinking there may be a problem brewing.

According to the outlet, amid one of Kanye's recent comments on Twitter, the Ye artist dropped two names: Larsa Pippen and Drake. Reports indicate Kanye didn't reveal any additional context regarding the two individuals, moreover, he also deleted the messages.

Thus far, people on social media are now wondering what may have gone on between Kanye, Drake, and Larsa Pippen, but no one really knows why he mentioned their names. As it was previously reported, Kanye has touched on abortion many times over the last few weeks.

It's clear he doesn't support women's right to choose. Mr. West said back in July that he and Kim Kardashian once considered aborting their first child together, North. It appears to be a sensitive subject for Kanye, who took to his account this past month to talk about it.

Purportedly in response to Kanye's tweets, Larsa wrote on Twitter, "if you don't have a uterus, you shouldn't have a say." Since then, people have been arguing about the merits of both Kanye and Larsa's ideas.

Hip-hop fans know by now that Kanye has been stirring controversy on social media for the last month. For instance, on the 4th of July, he announced he was going to run for the presidency of the United States , a statement which was met with criticism but also praise.

Many rappers in the industry came out to support the performing artist, including YG, who claimed he would definitely vote for Kanye if he got his name on the ballot. Interestingly, people in the film and television business have been a lot more critical.

For instance, Jamie Foxx referred to West as a "clown," who nobody wanted to hear from anymore. Detractors of the Yeezy creator used his later abortion tweets as evidence of his lack of suitability for the head of state.

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