Larry King Thrashes Former Employer CNN - Says They're Overly Focused On Donald Trump

Larry King Thrashes Former Employer CNN - Says They're Overly Focused On Donald Trump

Larry King isn't pleased at all with his former employer's coverage of the American news cycle as of late. According to the ex-CNN employee, the network has become the Anti-Trump news network, and they rarely cover other issues anymore.

During a conversation with RT America on Tuesday, King said that Fox was "Trump TV," and MSNBC is "Anti-Trump." They focus on Trump and his administration nearly every single day, the longtime news anchor remarked.

King added that CNN was carrying Trump even more than Fox, and said that ever since the 2016 presidential election, both networks rely on the president for content.

The ex-host of Larry King Live said that he wouldn't doubt it if "98% of Americans" spoke about Trump at least once every day. However, King had some critical comments for the president as well, referring to him as "crazed," and adding that he definitely has an authoritarian streak in him.

According to Larry, he has known Donald for forty years, and he knows both the good and bad side of him. "I think he would like to be a dictator," and he'd probably like to run the country as if he was the sole authority.

As viewers of King know, he became the face of the network, CNN, all the way back in 1985 when he hosted his immensely popular show, Larry King Live -   a one-hour program.

However, he started working for RT America in 2013. King said the network he's working for now is the only one actually doing news about important topics.

Interestingly, RT used to be known as "Russia Today," and is a broadcasting network, supposedly, backed by the Kremlin. The network is said to have been labeled as a "foreign agent," by the US Justice Department last year.

The Office Of The Director of National Intelligence described the organization as a "state-run propaganda machine." One could argue that other American networks, on the other hand, are propaganda machines of the US Government and the corporations who bankroll politicians.

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