Larry King 'Did Not Have A Heart Attack,' Rep States - He's Recovering From Heart Surgery

Larry King 'Did Not Have A Heart Attack,' Rep States - He's Recovering From Heart Surgery
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Larry King’s rep claims that the TV journalist did not, in fact, have a heart attack. This comes after reports claiming King went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital.

That being said, it turns out that the 85-year-old man is currently recovering from heart surgery but did not suffer a heart attack.

The rep tells HollywoodLife that ‘On the morning of Thursday, April 23, Larry King was scheduled for an angioplasty. Before his scheduled procedure, he experienced angina and went to the hospital early to be examined. His doctor successfully performed the angioplasty and inserted stents to reopen the previous bypass from 1987.'

Angina does not mean a heart attack but just chest pains.

King’s rep went on to update fans on his health, saying that ‘He has been recuperating in the hospital and is scheduled to be released soon. His doctors expect him to make a full recovery. To be clear, and contrary to published reports, his doctors say he did not have a heart attack and he did not go into cardiac arrest. Larry is in good spirits and thanks everyone for their concern. He’s expected to be back to work on his shows, Larry King Now and PoliticKING with Larry King soon.’

TMZ was the first to report King suffered a heart attack while he was at his residence, getting ready to go to the hospital for an angiogram.

He had apparently been having ‘difficulty breaking for months.’

But while the report was fortunately not correct this time, King did have heart problems before.

His first heart attack happened in 1987 and he’s reportedly suffered one more since then.

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