Larissa Dos Santos Lima Says ‘I Love My Life’ After Ex Colt Johnson Tells Police She Threatened Suicide!

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Says ‘I Love My Life’ After Ex Colt Johnson Tells Police She Threatened Suicide!
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90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson claimed that during one of their more explosive fights, Larissa Dos Santos Lima threatened to end her life and even ‘downed half a bottle of pills!’ However, the woman is now claiming that did not happen and that she loves her life.

TMZ reported that Colt told the police after their January 10 fight that Larissa threatened to commit suicide.

She was then arrested for domestic battery.

But the same news outlet has also obtained one statement from Larissa herself and it looks like she is denying her estranged husband’s claims.

‘I would like to clarify that the rumors about drug abuse or suicide attempts are not true. I love for my life so much that I would never try to do something like this,’ the 90 Day Fiance star told TMZ.

This comes after she was allegedly indicted for a domestic battery charge a few days ago.

The criminal complaint TMZ claimed to have obtained, allegedly stated that Larissa ‘did willfully and unlawfully use force or violence against or upon the person of her spouse.’

As for the reason why they fought that day, the outlet reported that it all started when the woman discovered her husband at the time, purchased porn and accused him of cheating on her.

While both of them had cuts and bruises after the brawl, the police determined Larissa’s stomach scratches were self-inflicted and her face ones were not caused by Colt either.

But the same could not be said about the man’s injuries, therefore, she was the one detained by the authorities.

On the same day she was arrested, Colt went on and filed for divorce!

Larissa has been asking her followers for financial support after she set up a GoFundMe account due to the fact that she cannot afford to pay a lawyer.

‘I’m not happy about it, I’m not proud about it, but it’s something that I need your help with now,’ the reality TV star begged her fans in one video.


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