Larissa Dos Santos Joins Tinder Following Colt Johnson Separation - Will She Find A Lucky Man?

Larissa Dos Santos Joins Tinder Following Colt Johnson Separation - Will She Find A Lucky Man?
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According to a report from Us Weekly, the 90 Day Fiance star, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, has moved on from Mr. Colt Johnson by taking to the popular phone application, Tinder.

This all comes after Larissa was booked for apparently abusing her husband, despite her protests that it was actually him who was the abusive one. The 32-year-old wrote, "I joined on Tinder! Yeah! It's me!"

Later on, the star wrote that she had her very first Tinder experience and it was "fun and hilarious." Just a few days after a fan asked her if she was missing her husband, the reality star said that she doesn't even know him.

Along with a picture of Mariah Carey, the star wrote, "I don't know him," referencing the infamous quote from Mariah in which she said she had never heard of Jennifer Lopez.

Just last week, the 32-year-old reality star, Johnson, also joked about the fact he wants someone to take his estranged spouse away from him. The Las Vegas native took to his Instagram to joke about Larissa, saying that he desperately needed another man to take her away from him as soon as possible, and he would even pay for everything.

The software engineer added for those worried about their safety around her to watch their "head and the face" as well as "the back. Colt urged the would-be suitors of Larissa to just "cover everything" as much as possible because the onslaught would be vicious.

On the 16th of January, Dos Santos Lima was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for repeatedly striking her husband. She then accused him of being the abusive one, but the police discovered that her wounds were consistent with those of the perpetrator.

Supposedly, it all began with Dos Santos Lima discovered that Colt Johnson had been looking at pornographic videotapes online of another Hispanic woman. This isn't the first time either. Back in June 2018, she was arrested again for being violent toward her man. On the same day as her arrest, Johnson asked for the marriage to be dissolved officially in a court of law.


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