Larissa Dos Santos Arrested On Domestic Battery And Assault Charges

Larissa Dos Santos Arrested On Domestic Battery And Assault Charges
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Larissa Das Santos, one of the primary members of the 90 Day Fiancé cast, was recently booked by the authorities on charges of first-degree domestic battery after an altercation with her husband, Colt Johnson, on the 11th of January, Friday.

Us Weekly confirmed that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sent officers to their house outside of Vegas on 10th of January, Thursday. It was there, where they discovered Colt had sustained physical injuries.

Jay Rivera, a police officer with the Las Vegas forces, described the man as having a busted lip as well as bloody gums and teeth. Dos Santos was not there at the time of the inspection. The police drove to the home of Lima's friend where she was staying, and she told them Jonhson assaulted her.

When the police inspected her body, however, the cuts and bruises were not consistent with the kind of injuries she claimed. Moreover, she had marks on her stomach which were not consistent with the length of Colt's fingernails.

Previously, the reality star shared a picture of her bloody face on social media and wrote in the caption that Colt called the police on her following a disagreement. She also said the reason for the fight was him buying an X-rated movie called, Jacuzzi S*x with Katrina Moreno.

The police said that, at the moment, the situation is a "he said/she said," but due to her past arrests, they assume she is the aggressor, rather than him. Currently, they're holding her in jail to cool off.

The star is now being held on a $3,000 bond, and she asked her fans online for help. She used a GoFundMe link to describe the supposed abuse against herself. The star asked for monetary assistance in acquiring an attorney.

Previously, in November, Dos Lantos was also arrested for misdemeanor battery against Johnson, whom she tied the knot with less than a year ago. Approximately a month later, Dos Santos Lima accused her husband of cheating, saying that he was "sending d*ck pics" to other women.

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