LAPD Not Investigating Corey Feldman Sexual Abuse Case As Actor Lives In Fear For Speaking Out [Video]

LAPD Not Investigating Corey Feldman Sexual Abuse Case As Actor Lives In Fear For Speaking Out [Video]
Credit: Source: HLN/Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman sat down with HLN for an exclusive interview and revealed he is living in fear after coming forward and speaking to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) about the men he said abused him as a child. Hoping to expose a pedophile ring, Feldman explained that the names he has revealed so far publicly are lower-level guys.

He expressed that these aren't the men he's in fear of. According to Corey, there is one man who is high up, who though he never abused Corey, abused someone else. He has inside information on the case that he did report to authorities. Unfortunately, due to the statute of limitations laws, the LAPD is not actively investigating Corey Feldman's case. It is for this reason that Corey Feldman believes the best way to get his message to the public is through a movie.

The news that the LAPD is no longer actively investigating Feldman's case prompted him to speak out on Twitter. Feldman reiterated how important his Truth Campaign is as he slowly inches his way to the $10 million goal.

Nearly 5,000 people have donated to Feldman and he has expressed his gratitude, but he is hoping that some of his friends from Hollywood will back him up . In an open letter to Hollywood, Feldman explained the purpose of his Truth Campaign and why he believed it would take $10 million to finally expose Hollywood's pedophiles.

You may watch the interview with Corey Feldman and HLN's Carol Costello in the video player below.

Corey Feldman is getting a lot of public support. His social media networks are growing each day and many people are contributing to his campaign. While Hollywood never truly supported him in his allegations, the public has a different view.

The hashtag #ISTANDWITHCOREY continues to trend and many people continually share Feldman's tweets as a way of showing solidarity.

Though Corey has pleaded for more celebrities to join him in his fight, those who are standing with him have championed his cause. Some are offering him a place to stay, taking issue with the way he's portrayed in the media, and supporting him financially through their donations.

What do you think about Corey Feldman's HLN's interview? Are you supporting his Truth Campaign?

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