Lance Bass To Officiate Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Wedding After Homophobic Pastor Scandal

Lance Bass To Officiate Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright's Wedding After Homophobic Pastor Scandal
Credit: Source: Rolling Stone

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are making up for their big mistake of hiring a pastor that has made homophobic and transphobic comments to marry them in a big way. They have enlisted Lance Bass to officiate their ceremony.

Following the sad and shocking death of Lisa Vanderpump's mother, she won't be able to be in attendance for her Vanderpump Rule's stars June wedding. She has enlisted former boy band member Lance Bass to not only attend the nuptials but marry the lovebirds according to a source.

'Lance Bass was asked to officiate the wedding due to Lisa having to fly back to the UK to deal with her family matters. Lisa has told Jax and Brittany that it's unlikely she will attend their wedding and arranged for Lance to fulfill the duties,' a source told E! News.

Lance is close to both LVP and the VPR cast themselves.

This comes after the couple, who claim to be LGBT allies, originally arranged for Kentucky pastor Ryan Dotson to do the honors. However, after they were confronted multiple times by the LGBT community for the pastor's offensive remarks, they asked him to step down from the position.

Dotson later explained: 'When it comes to the wedding of Jax & Brittany, in December they requested over lunch if I would do them the honor of marrying them, because they wanted a “Christian wedding,” of course 1 said yes, seeing that I’ve been the family’s Pastor for the last several years. Jax & Brittany are a beautiful couple and I wish nothing but love and happiness. I am deeply saddened that their wedding is being marred by those with an agenda.'

He went on to say: 'My religious views have nothing to do with the fact of whether or not I was capable of performing the wedding. I’m not sure what everyone was thinking, but in Kentucky, which is a part of the Bible belt, most pastors feel the very same as I do, which should be of no surprise to anyone.'

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