Lance Bass Thinks It’s The Perfect Time For An NSYNC Residency – Here’s Why

Lance Bass Thinks It’s The Perfect Time For An NSYNC Residency – Here’s Why
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Lance Bass thinks this is the perfect time for NSYNC to do a residency. The band is not back together, but that did not stop Bass from sharing why he feels right now is the right time for the guys to get a residency.

The iconic boy bander spoke with Hollywood Life to share his hopes and dreams of following in the footsteps of Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez. Ever since NSYNC, minus Justin Timberlake, took to the stage at Coachella with Ariana Grande, they have been flooded with offers for various projects.

There are a couple of reasons the 40-year-old feels it is time to do a residency. One is that Bass feels fans deserve a chance to say goodbye to NSYNC properly.

"Not only would it be great to make music, our fans could enjoy a final concert because they never got that. And make people smile," Bass shared with the website at the Environmental Media Awards.

Another reason the timing is perfect for NSYNC to get back together is that their music makes people happy. The boy band’s music was full of fun positive vibes back in the day, which is one of the things Bass praises about the group.

"I think more than anything I would like to have a good influence in the world and give someone something positive to think about for a few minutes. I think that it is important to make people happy right now," he continued.

It is hard to argue with Bass when it comes to the positive message of the music. The 90's group had a way of making people smile with their songs, as well as their stellar dance movies. Is there really anyone who can listen to 'Bye Bye Bye' without a smile on their face and shaking their booty?

Lance Bass is all about having an NSYNC residency. He did not mention if Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, J.C. Chasez, and Timberlake are even remotely interested in the possibility of doing a residency.

Even though Bass thinks it is a perfect time, fans should not get their hopes up. The odds of NSYNC coming together for a residency are not that good. All of the guys are doing their own thing, especially Timberlake, so it would be shocking if they do have a reunion.

Do you think the odds of NSYNC doing a residency are good or bad?

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