Lance Bass Remains Hopeful He And Husband Michael Turchin Will Become Parents

Lance Bass Remains Hopeful He And Husband Michael Turchin Will Become Parents
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Lance Bass remains hopeful he and his husband, Michael Turchin will become parents. The couple has endured some difficulty on their road to parenthood but he is not letting the setback’s get him down.

On a recent episode of podcast Heather Dubrow's World , the former boy bander got candid about his journey to becoming a father.

"We're getting close. I know we keep saying this every time I come on your show. It's been a process. You know, we went through seven donors, but this seventh one looks like it worked! So, hopefully, in the next few weeks, I'll be able to announce some nice celebration. They will be here next–I say 'they' because, of course, we're trying to go for twins, but that's, you know, still up in the air. But yeah, so next year, 2020 babies!" the 40-year-old explained.

Bass and his husband of almost five years have been trying to become fathers for a couple of years. It is a process that has thrown them several curveballs. However, the journey also has both men realizing the pure blessing and gift of surrogacy.

"It's quite the process. We had no idea what we were getting into. But it's a beautiful experience. The love that is surrounded with IVF, from the doctors to the surrogate, it's a beautiful gift," the 'N Sync star shared with E! News last summer.

Earlier this year Bass shared how unprepared he and Turchin were going into IVF and surrogacy. He revealed to Daily Pop last April what an eye-opening experience the road to fatherhood has been for the couple.

"We were so ignorant thinking like, 'Oh! We're gonna get the surrogate in like a day and our donor's gonna work.' No. We're on donor no. 7 right now. But it looks like this is gonna be the one. So, this is as close as we've ever gotten and we could be very close to being pregnant," he shared.

Lance Bass is not losing hope he will become a father with his husband, Michael Turchin. Although he does not have any baby news to share right now, the singer is optimistic he will soon have good news on the baby front. If all goes the way Bass believes it will, then his family will grow by at least two in 2020.

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