Lamar Odom's Fans Are Celebrating The Release Of His New Memoir: 'Darkness To Light'

Lamar Odom's Fans Are Celebrating The Release Of His New Memoir: 'Darkness To Light'
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Lamar Odom had some dark times in his life, but it seems that the man managed to get his life back on track. He wanted to share some of his experiences with the world, and he released a memoir called 'Darkness to Light.'

Fans are really proud of him, but some people could not help but make a few jokes - you guessed, they're related to the Kardashians, of course.

'I have some amazing news to share with you guys! My book will officially be out on 5/28. You can pre order your copy on Amazon now! @benbellabooks,' Lamar captioned his post on Instagram.

Fans were really excited and proud of him, and they made sure to show Lamar all the love and respect in the comments section.

Someone said 'I don't even know you and I'm so fuc*ing proud of you!!! You are amazing!!! Bless you💕💕💕'

Another follower posted 'You were always light, that fell into darkness, but good shone forth anyway, you have always been an incredible gift.'

One person wrote 'Congratulations. I've always known one day that you would have an amazing story to tell. I can't wait to read it. Come to Atlanta for a book signing. 🙏'

A fan made a joke and said that 'He should have called it "The Kardashians: from Kursed to Cured"💀'

Someone else said 'This man overcame every adversity against him! Definitely a walking testimony🙏🏾'

Congratulations, Lamar, for your book and for being where you are today!

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