Lamar Odom Says Kobe Bryant Was Like A 'Life Coach' To Him

Lamar Odom Says Kobe Bryant Was Like A 'Life Coach' To Him
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During a recent chat with reporters from TMZ, Lamar Odom, who once shared an LA Lakers jersey with Kobe Bryant, claimed that he would miss Bryant for his "life advice," claiming that he essentially viewed Kobe as a "life coach."

Odom said, "real talk, I'll miss him for just his advice." Lamar admitted to the outlet that the basketball legend would often speak to him about life's problems and sometimes would offer little pieces of advice for him that Lamar took to heart.

Odom claimed that one of the questions he would ask Kobe today if he were alive is how he could get his fans to forgive him for "pawning those rings." Reportedly, Odom, who fought hard with drug addiction around a decade ago, chose to pawn his NBA championship rings to pay for drugs.

Odom sold his 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 championship rings around the same time that his marriage to Khloe Kardashian was falling apart. The rings actually went up for auction in December 2019, and they were encrusted for $100,000.

Odom claimed that another aspect he would miss about Kobe was the sense of "brotherhood" and "leadership." He claimed that himself, Derek Fisher, and Kobe were kind of like the leaders of the locker-room. As it was previously reported, Kobe Bryant, his teenage daughter, and seven other friends of his died in a helicopter crash at the beginning of the year.

Kobe's death has been in the media headlines ever since he passed away, including again earlier this week when his wife, Vanessa, and Michael Jordan gave speeches in front of the crowd on Monday's memorial service.

Michael Jordan, who began crying in front of everyone there, claims he was prepared to become the next "crying" meme. Jordan, while on stage, referred to Kobe as his "little brother."

Jordan claimed that Kobe was the type of player who "left it all on the floor," and as he got to know him better, he wanted to be the best mentor for him as he possibly could.

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