Lamar Odom Posts Lengthy Message To Wendy Williams -- Hints At Book Number Two And Tells Wendy He Loves Her!

Lamar Odom Posts Lengthy Message To Wendy Williams -- Hints At Book Number Two And Tells Wendy He Loves Her!
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Lamar Odom surprisingly has a very special place in Wendy Williams' heart. After watching her Hot Topics segment of her talk show where she discussed their special connection, Lamar posted a lengthy message where he hinted at the possible release of another book.

As you probably have already seen, Lamar has been in the media again for his recently released tell-all memoir Darkness To Light. While covering the shocking work, Wendy revealed that she made her staff read the book and she recalled the time that he bought her a pair of jeans back when she wasn't the rich and famous media maven she is now.

Although she openly professed her love for Lamar and made it clear that she didn't think the memoir was written in a mean-spirited way, she addressed the athlete's profession that he wants Khloe back by telling her not to do it!


'Khloe, you leave that man alone. You leave him alone. Khloe, move on, leave this man alone.'

Odom caught wind of the segment and returned Wendy's love right back. He then brought up the fact that they're both addicts and teases a sequel to his tell-all.

In an Instagram post, Lamar said: 'Hi Wendy, I love you too. Thanks for telling your audience that my book should be #1 in the universe and I really can't agree more. I think that US being both recovering addicts, we get to see the world from a different perspective and are actually DECIDING to use our celebrity status and influence to inspire people and sell a message of hope. A message of change and self love. I love you for that and I love you for not forgetting about a small act of kindness towards you very far in the past.'

'I love you for using that little act of kindness to show the world what I am too, beside being an addict. Can you join me on my new mental health movement, LET's change together? Love, Lamar Odom. And how about I give you an exclusive on Book #2,' the basketball player cheekily added.

Would you read a second book by Lamar?

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