Lamar Odom gaining millions off of his addiction. Here’s how

Lamar Odom gaining millions off of his addiction. Here’s how

Some sources claim that Lamar Odom’s situation nowadays is staged in such a way that it brings attention to him and of course a lot of money. Is it really another Kardashian scheme?

It makes sense, considering Lamar is now in rehab but also back on TV. The Doctors just released a promotional video for an interview with the former NBA player. The reveals are for sure going to awaken the interest of many people who want to know the dirty secrets of his drug use and relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Furthermore, he has been rumored to be secretly filming his own reality show. That is some planning that only Kris Jenner could be responsible of, and sources agree.

“The family thinks that this is Kris and Khloe’s doing” shared an insider close to the Kardashian family. “Both of them are trying to act like they knew nothing about Lamar’s new show, but her sisters think that they are both full of it!”

As we have previously reported, Lamar almost lost his life in 2015 after having a drug overdose in a brothel. Since then, the ex sportsman was unable to be sober for long period of time.

In the preview of the tell-all interview, Dr. Travis Stork asked Lamar whether or not he was still using and he immediately grew visibly uncomfortable. Silence is also an answer, and his facial expression spoke larger than any words – Lamar still needs help with his addiction.

The business-savvy Kardashians seem to believe the ultimate solution to his addiction is to make sure Lamar will never starve - and the way to make money is reality TV.

“Kris devised a plan so that Lamar is not out on the streets and homeless,”stated the insider, adding: “She pitched the show and it got picked up because the network knows that this has the potential to be total train wreck TV!”


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