Lamar Odom And Sabrina Parr Open Up About Their Wedding Date, Location And More!

Lamar Odom And Sabrina Parr Open Up About Their Wedding Date, Location And More!
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It sounds like Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr are so in love that they are sure they want to spend the rest of their lives together! That being said, the two are already dreaming about their perfect wedding.

During a new interview for HollywoodLife, Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr opened up about their ideal wedding location and date for the first time ever, making it very clear that they are serious about their future together.

Lamar and Sabrina have been romantically involved for the past 9 months and are already looking forward to spending their lives together.

During the chat with the news outlet, Sabrina was asked if they’ve already set a date for the nuptials, something the life and health coach confirmed.

‘Yes we set a date, it is going to be November, 11 2021, which will be exactly 2 years from the day that we got engaged,’ she dished.

As for the location, she explained that ‘Lamar chose Miami. We kind of argued about it for a while.’

According to Sabrina, she wanted to have the wedding closer to home but Lamar wanted the opposite.

He wanted ‘the most faraway beautiful place as possible. So we were able to finally agree on Miami, and it was actually, where we got engaged so Miami's perfect.’

And it turns out that the basketball player has even chosen the color theme, which is something Sabrina definitely appreciates.

‘Lamar also chose the colors pink and white for our wedding colors, which makes it easy for me. He was like, ‘Do you know just how much we can do fashion wise with those colors? I really wanted Lamar to be a part of the planning and not feel like I was making demands and just planning the whole thing and he was only showing up. Especially this being his second time and my second time, like we are just trying to do it differently.’


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