Lala Kent Reveals Exactly What Is At The Root Of Her Feud With Her Vanderpump Rules Co-Star Billie Lee

Lala Kent Reveals Exactly What Is At The Root Of Her Feud With Her Vanderpump Rules Co-Star Billie Lee
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Many fans thought they noticed some tension between Lala Kent and Billie Lee during last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, and it turns out they were right. When Lisa Vanderpump gathered the SUR staff to talk about the firing of James Kennedy, there was definitely a chill in the air.

Vanderpump had fired Kennedy for body-shaming Katie Maloney-Schwartz. And, during the staff gathering, Lee said that she thought Kristen Doute was a drama “trigger,” and she should be banned from SUR. But Lala and Katie were quick to come to Doute’s defense.

Lala gave more details about the tension between her and Billie when she recently appeared on The Daily Dish podcast.

"Billie is just a very strange person," Lala said. "I think she likes to stir the pot; I think she's looking for her five minutes and I gave that to her, so she's welcome, you know. I say what's up to her, I tell her she looks chic, 'cause she does, and I always speak the truth.”

Lala went on to explain that she will tell someone that they look good, even if she doesn’t care for them. She added that she didn’t have anything else to say about Billie. And, she is an extra on the show and does a great job.

As for that staff meeting that Vanderpump called, Kennedy was the topic of the discussion. Not only did he fat-shame Katie, but he had also announced on the restaurant loudspeaker that Jax Taylor had cheated on Brittany Cartwright, and he called Lala a “b***h.”

But, the staff was divided over Kennedy’s firing. Team James was Tom Sandoval, Scheana Marie, and Billie Lee. But, Taylor, Cartwright, Schwartz, Kent, and Doute were very much anti-Kennedy.

Manager Peter Madrigal told the staff that See You Next Tuesday, Kennedy’s DJ’ing gig at SUR, brought in a ton of cash for the restaurant. But, Taylor quickly objected, saying that Kennedy “stands behind a podium,” and he could easily find someone else with a British accent and an iPod who could do the job without insulting anyone.

SUR management tried to get the staff to see things “from a business point of view,” but Cartwright said it was “hurtful” that they would put business over the feelings of the staff.

Scheana then told Brittany that Kennedy only works two nights a week, so she shouldn’t work those days. When the two started going at it, Taylor asked how many times Kennedy had been fired. At that point, Sandoval chimed in with an eye roll and told Taylor that he is lucky to be there.

This is the point that Billie Lee got involve and called Doute the problem. That caused Lala to lose it and she said Billie was blaming the Kennedy issue on Doute.

Lala Kent and Billie Lee went back and forth until Vanderpump made it clear that what she says goes. And she “didn’t support” the way Kennedy talked about Katie.

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Monday nights on Bravo.


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