Lala Kent Returns To Vanderpump Rules And She Wants Revenge!

Lala Kent Returns To Vanderpump Rules And She Wants Revenge!

As fans may remember, Lala Kent left Vandepump Rules halfway through season 5 but she recently returned to the popular show for the reunion!

Now she is back and ready to take revenge because of all of those nasty things they said behind her back while she was gone.

“My goal today is to just let them know enough is enough,” she said during her confessional.

“We’re grown adults,” she added. “Stop bullying people. Stop being mean. Like enough with the mean girl stuff. It’s played out. Your mom should have told you that.”

She is unstoppable and the rest of the cast should be afraid! Drama is coming!

Although she did admit that she was a bit “nervous” to be back she still had enough in her to get sassy with the makeup team, warning them not to ruin her makeup for the big day of vengeance or else…

Andy Cohen announced the Vanderpump Rules stars that she is back, puzzling them completely.

Confused Scheana Shay whispered that she thought Kent was in New York.

But Cohen heard her anyway and assured her that “today” she is in Los Angeles!

Kristen Doute also whispered to Brittany Cartwright, “Doesn’t ‘quit’ mean ‘don’t come back?'”

It's pretty clear that they don't want her back.

The 25 years old Lala Kent joined the reunion despite the disapproving comments from her co-stars and we should get ready for a lot of drama to ensue!

Are you glad Lala Kent has returned to Vanderpump Rules or are you on the others’ side and wish she would’ve quit for good?

Let us know what you think about and expect from this season in the comment section down below!

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  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Apr 9, 2017 3:41 AM PDT

    Sorry it auto corrected things in my post and I didn't catch them-- should have been Lala and should have been Jax also Stassi not Stasi There are times that I really have strong dislike for autocorrect !

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Apr 9, 2017 3:37 AM PDT

    I think it is great that Layla came back--she needs to have her voice heard! From day one tho women treated her like crap and Ajax outright lied about his interactions with her to basically cover his ass with Brittany. Tom Sandavol and Ariana (sp?) have been the only two who have only really come to Layla's defense. As far as Stasi and Kristen are concerned the line "I thought if you quit it meant you never came back" should apply to them. So could they just go away--they are just mean, vengeful leeches sucking up whatever reality TV game they can in order to stay relevant.

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