Lala Kent Responds To Ambyr Childers Request To Not Post Her Daughters By Sharing Even More Videos With Them!

Lala Kent Responds To Ambyr Childers Request To Not Post Her Daughters By Sharing Even More Videos With Them!
Credit: Source: People

Ambyr Childers took to social media to call out her ex-husband's fiance for posting photos of her children. Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent responded to her request with complete disrespect.

The You actress posted a message to her Instagram stories that read: 'Since you don’t want to answer my text messages, I’ll try here. Lala, I appreciate your love towards my children, but until you’re officially their stepmother please refrain from posting my children on social media! I hope [you] understand where I’m coming from. Many thanks.'

The reality star not only saw the message, but she responded to a fan who took her side.

One follower wrote: 'I think it’s wonderful how you love the girls. I always say the more people that love my kids the better.'

To which Lala reacted with: 'Love this.'

That wasn't the only action the 29-year-old took. She posted even more videos with Randall Emmett's two daughters to her Stories. The couple isn't scheduled to tie the knot until next year so technically Kent isn't their stepmother just yet.


Which is why there are many calling for Randall to tell his fiance to be respectful of his children's mother.

One commentator took to his page to say: 'The way you let Lolo disrespect your daughter’s mother is disgusting.'

Another follower said: 'You need to check her. The mother of your children told her to stop and she still hasn’t.'

Meanwhile, there are split opinions in Ambyr's comment section.

This follower is on her side: 'You have every right to ask Lala not to post photos of your daughters on social media. She doesn’t respect your daughters. If she didn’t she wouldn’t go on national television and say she slept with their dad on the first night for a range rover or she asks him if he wants to play with her a****** at hotel bars. She’s not thinking of them when she says stuff like this on TV. In a few years your daughters will be able to see the stuff on YouTube. A real mom knows this.'

While another user believes she is being hypocritical: 'You know it would different if you didn’t post your children everywhere on your own social media, but you do, so you’re just being bitter. #youneedtocalmdown.'

Whose side are you on in this sticky situation?


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