Lala Kent No Longer Open To Fixing Her Relationship With 'Really Immature' James Kennedy - Here's Why!

Lala Kent No Longer Open To Fixing Her Relationship With 'Really Immature' James Kennedy - Here's Why!
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A new insider report made it very clear that while Lala Kent wishes James Kennedy the very best, she has no intention of reconciling with him! Apparently, the two are not beefing but that means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The revelation is pretty confusing since the two had a studio session with one another at the end of May.

Lala and James shared a selfie showing them working on music together again and the man even suggested they had made up.

However, as it turns out, being friends with James brings a lot of immaturity to the table and Lala wants none of that in her life!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Lala has no interest in repairing anything with James, but she wishes him no ill will after they made up a few weeks ago. She wishes him well, honestly. But, Lala was really taken aback and confused after they talked and James just went and took a dig at her and Randall [her fiance] shortly after. She was so confused by the situation and feels like he is just really immature.’

As fans remember, almost a week after it appeared like James and Lala had fixed their friendship, the man slammed her fiancé, Randall, so that might be a big part of the reason they had another fallout so soon after their supposed reunion.

James posted a pic on his platform of choice that seemed to mock Randall’s feud with 50 Cent over Lala’s fiancé allegedly owning the rapper money.

That being said, Kennedy posted a pic of him alongside a friend and in the caption, he wrote: ‘I WANT MY MONEY BY MONDAY.’

James has deleted the post since then, so it seems like he realized his mistake after Lala started snubbing him again.


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