Lala Kent Is Pregnant -- Breaks News On Podcast Released On Her Birthday

Lala Kent Is Pregnant -- Breaks News On Podcast Released On Her Birthday
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Just days after revealing that they were on a schedule to get pregnant, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett revealed in their podcast that she's pregnant. The news also just so happened to break on her birthday.

Lala and Randall were having Lisa Vanderpump as a guest on their show. Everyone knows by now that the pair were supposed to be married but unfortunately had to push their wedding back due to COVID-19.

While some people are scared to have a baby in this climate, others feel that this is the perfect time.

'I'm, like, shaking right now because I can't believe that it's a real-life thing. I cry about everything but today it's very much happy tears. For my 30th birthday I have the best gift given to me, my body also helped out too, I am pregnant.'

Randall hyped up his fiance by adding: 'Lala Kent, a soon to be mother!'

Kent went on to say that she couldn't be more excited and that she already feels 'maternal' and 'motherly.'

As usual, the Vanderpump Rules is feeling alllll the pregnancy hormones that most women experience.

'I cry about everything. I look in the refrigerator and it could be empty or full and I’m, like, [am I] happy or sad about it? I don’t know. Life is just really hitting me in the face. It's like, holy s---, I'm turning 30, there's something living inside of me, growing ... and my life is changing very quickly and I don't love change. Even though it's all great things it's like 'Well, wait a minute. I'm a kid still, how am I having a kid?''

Lala's baby will be in great company. Randall already has two sweet little girls that Kent has an unbreakable bond with.

A far as the wedding, the two have pushed it to July 2021, but that date may not be solid given the happy news. Congratulations and happy birthday Lala!

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