Lala Kent Has To Audition To Star In Randall Emmett's Movies -- Vanderpump Rules Star Wants To Be On RHOBH

Lala Kent Has To Audition To Star In Randall Emmett's Movies -- Vanderpump Rules Star Wants To Be On RHOBH
Credit: Source: People

Lala Kent moved to Hollywood from Utah to become an actress. When she met director Randall Emmett during an audition it was the start of a romance that would later find them preparing to be man and wife.

However, just because Randall calls a lot of the shots in movies -- doesn't mean that she automatically gets cast in whatever role she wants. Lala as to audition just like everyone else -- and she does get rejected.

While chatting with People Now, the Vanderpump Rules star explained: 'There are some times where I read and Randall’s like, ‘You know, it’s not a great fit,’ and I can’t take it personally. When we’re talking movies, the relationship is put on the back burner and it’s all about the business.'

The producer chimed in to explain: 'It’s always the creative business first. On a business level, she’s a really good actor and she earns what she does and I make her go up with the director and read and do all that and there have been movies that she didn’t end up doing.'


Films aren't the only thing that the couple, who was originally scheduled to be married yesterday, work on together. The two have a podcast where nothing is off-limits for Lala but Randall refuses to talk about one touchy subject -- 50 Cent.

Emmett also recently joined the cast of VPR after being talked about on-screen for so long.

Kent has her eyes set on another Bravo show that she'd love to be on and that's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

'I think it would be so much fun. I’ve always loved Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I think it’s epic. So, to be a part of something like that and having [a] Vanderpump Rules starter kit as my training. Yeah, that’d be epic.'

As far as her thoughts on Lisa Vanderpump quitting, the former SUR hostess hopes that LVP will give RHOBH another try.


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