Lala Kent Brings The #Metoo Movement Into 50 Cent Feud -- Gets Bashed

Lala Kent Brings The #Metoo Movement Into 50 Cent Feud -- Gets Bashed
Credit: Source: Bravo

50 Cent wants his million dollar loan back from Randall Emmett and has given him a deadline to turn the remaining $750k in. Lala Kent took a stand for her man and women who have been affected by men like 50 Cent -- but her plan backfired.

The rapper's feud with Randall was sparked by a clip from 'Vanderpump Rules' where Kent bragged to her friend Stassi Schroeder that Emmett gifted her with a Range Rover after sex. It was upsetting that the movie producer could afford to gift his now-fiance with expensive cars and private jet rides but couldn't pay the actor his money back.

That's when 50 decided to blast Randall for his actions and call Lala a 'h**' via Instagram. The drama caused the 48-year-old to have 'heart trouble' and Kent to speak out.

In a video obtained by a 'VPR' fan account, Lala told viewers: "50 took a clip of me talking about what I do behind closed doors with my fiance and used it to diminish the validity of the #metoo movement. That I will not stand for. If you've been affected by a man like Fifty, do not be quiet. We're not going to be silence. I have your back. We need to let these f****** know that they are not safe."

50 reported it on his Instagram and compared Randall to Harvey Weinstein.

"Hey how is the Range Rover? There’s no difference between Harvey Weinstein and Randel Emmett! This is reality, not reality TV. Bravo B**** @bravo"

Lala made herself look even worse than before to those who have been following the story. In the incriminating video originally posted, she also mentioned how she would role play with Randall and tell him to give her a role in movies.

It also doesn't help that she met Randall through her movie debut 'The Row.'

Fans chimed in to tell Kent to leave the #metoo movement out of it.

"Victims of the #metoo movement are not ones to brag on public TV about going to fake auditions and role playing. These victims are in trauma from being forced into situations they weren't comfortable in...Lala is obviously comfortable and has no problem letting the world know she does BJs for PJs and Range Rovers."

"She’s the one 'diminishing the validity of the metoo movement' metoo is actually about NOT agreeing to sleep with producers for a gig—Lala just got called out and is spinning."

"I do have one burning ?....LaLa, you verbalized on television, that when you and 'Rand' recently broke up, he took your 'gucci slides' and they graciously returned them when you likely begged him back...that's the most disgusting and vile display of unconditional anything...I have to say, you and your fiancee integrity is quite questionable. I see a girl who is 'owned' by this sweaty pepperoni and I hope one day you get (as they say) 'woke'. Best regards."

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