Lala Kent Bashes Scheana Marie's Ex Rob Valletta: "You Are Pathetic!"

Lala Kent Bashes Scheana Marie's Ex Rob Valletta: "You Are Pathetic!"
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The cast of 'Vanderpump Rules' has caught wind of Rob Valletta's recent shade and announcement. Lala Kent and Kristen Doute have a message for the actor.

Lala took to her Instagram Stories to discuss what was said. The actress didn't want to name Valletta directly but it was obvious who she was referencing.

"This motherf****** is thirsty as f***. Like you were on our show for 5.7 seconds and you're still trying to come up off that. What company do you have boy? I'm dying to know. What company do you have? "

She went on to shade Rob for claiming that he didn't really want to be in the show but he invited the cast to his house to have a dinner party. Kent called him a clown, jokester, and 'little boy who plays in the sandbox.'

"God, you're so pathetic, sit down."

Kristen Doute also put in her two cents when she tweeted: "I wonder how it feels to only be known as Scheana Shay’s ex? Congrats on your claim to fame. # doorman"

The ladies are responding to Rob's comment to US Weekly where he called hanging with the cast exhausting.

"There’s certain things that happened that didn’t work for me and I just said, ‘I need to take some space from this.’ And to be honest, I really like the cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ I really do like them. But when you get them together, like, it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s just a lot and I have to run a company, you know? And, like I said, life’s hard enough as it is and as much as I like them as individuals, being around them is just exhausting."

He also announced that he's working on a reality show with his new girlfriend.

What do you think about Lala and Kristen's response to Rob's comments?


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