Lala Kent And Katie Maloney Reflect On How Much They've Grown Since Vanderpump Rules Feud

Lala Kent And Katie Maloney Reflect On How Much They've Grown Since Vanderpump Rules Feud
Credit: Source: Page Six

Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute were all once not impressed by the new girl that started at SUR. Now Lala Kent is cool with all of them but may be closest to Katie.

When she first started hostessing on at the WEHO hot spot, Stassi and Katie called her out for lying about having a modeling gig when she was really scheduled to be on a yacht with her rumored sugar daddy.

Not only did Lala resent the girls for spreading rumors around the restaurant about her, Katie and Kent argued to the point where the aspiring actress even made fun of her co-worker's weight.

She has since apologized and realized that that was her lowest point on the show. The two have more in common than they thought, including the fact that both of them are from Utah, and they grow closer every day.

Maloney was the special guest on Lala and Randall Emmett's podcast where she chatted about life, love, and their previous feud.

Lala called her most embarrassing moment the jab she took at Katie's appearance and reflected on talking about wanting to sleep with Tom Schwartz.


'Let's be very clear. Katie was nasty to me. Lala was nasty to Katie. I said things that were absolutely inappropriate and I respect her for not punching me in the face because if someone said the things about [Randall] and I that I said about Schwartzie, I would have decked them.'

Katie also took responsibility for her actions when they were fighting.

Randall chimed in to say that their relationship now is as if the two have known each other for 2 years.

Recently, the duo took a trip back to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival.

They were said to have been hanging out with the rumored cast of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.


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