Lady Gaga's New Boyfriend Revealed To Be Parker Group CEO Michael Polansky

Lady Gaga's New Boyfriend Revealed To Be Parker Group CEO Michael Polansky
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The mystery surrounding Lady Gaga’s new boyfriend has been solved. The Born This Way singer is dating investor and Harvard grad Michael Polansky, who is the CEO of the Parker Group, the umbrella organization that runs Facebook co-founder Sean Parker’s businesses and charitable endeavors.

According to Page Six , Gaga and Polansky have known each for years through events that Parker has hosted at his mansion in Los Angeles. The pair caught up with each other at Parker’s birthday party in December, and that seems to be when Gaga and Polansky started dating.

“Michael is a really smart guy, a very serious guy, who has always been low key,” claims an insider. “People are saying Gaga would have met him through events Sean Parker has hosted at his house, including the launch and other events for the foundation. Sean also had a party for his birthday in LA in December and both Gaga and Michael were there.”

Gaga first sparked rumors of a new relationship when she was spotted with Polansky in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. The duo then added fuel to the rumor fire when they were seen kissing on the balcony of her Miami rental ahead of her pre-Super Bowl concert on Saturday night.

Lady Gaga performed at the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night Show at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami, and Polansky was there to watch the show on a VIP balcony with Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta.

Polansky graduated from Harvard with a degree in applied mathematics and computer science, and one of the entities that he manages for the Facebook co-founder through the Parker Group is the Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

His online bio says that before the Parker Group, Polansky worked directly with Parker and Peter Theil as a Principal at Founders Fund, a venture capital investing firm. Polansky was also an investor at Bridgewater Group.

As the CEO of the Parker Group, Polansky manages Parker’s businesses, and he’s also in charge of investments and the company’s political and charitable interests. Polansky has worked with Parker since 2008 and has invested in numerous private technology companies.

In 2015, Michael Polansky helped launch the Parker Foundation, a $600 million private philanthropy organization, as well as the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Lady Gaga currently has a residency at the MGM in Las Vegas for her Enigma show, and she has numerous performances scheduled for April and May.

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