Lady Gaga Wins Best Actress For 'A Star Is Born' As She Attends National Board Review With Her Glamorous Mother

Lady Gaga Wins Best Actress For 'A Star Is Born' As She Attends National Board Review With Her Glamorous Mother
Credit: Source: National Board Review

Lady Gaga won best actress at the National Board Review awards and gave what may be the most touching celebrity speech in history. Straight off her Golden Globe win, the A Star Is Born actress gave special shout-outs to Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, and the Germanotta family. Her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, was in the audience and the two brought out the glam for Gaga's special night.

Lady Gaga has made plenty of news headlines on Thursday after she released a public statement about her previous duet with R. Kelly.

Simultaneously, her best actress speech has gone viral and has more than 50,000 YouTube views as she discussed what starring in the movie meant to her.

Bradley Cooper won the best director award and while he didn't win best actor, it was clear from Lady Gaga's speech that he won her heart.

She also shared her award with the members of her Germanotta family. Lady Gaga has always mentioned her family and many of her songs are reflections of those who have inspired her.

Accepting her award she stated the following.

"We’ve always had a particular way of living and tackling life, my Italian immigrant family. Thank you for believing me in me mom. Thank you for believing in me in thick and thin so I can fulfill my dreams. I always do what I do to make my family proud."

You may see a report about Lady Gaga and her mother as well as Gaga's full acceptance speech in the video player below.

Lady Gaga also made it clear that she developed a close friendship with actor Sam Elliott who brought home the best supporting actor prize.

There is no doubt that fans expect Academy Award nominations for Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and Sam Elliott. Considering this was Lady Gaga's first motion picture film, the win is quite an impressive feat.

She gave credit to Bradley Cooper for his direction as the root of her success but also pointed out that he is a true musician in his own right. She thanked everyone who helped with the award-winning A Star is Born soundtrack as well.

Did you see a Star is Born ? What did you think of Lady Gaga's performance? Did you find her speech touching?


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