Lady Gaga Urges J-Lo And Shakira Not To Lip Sync During Super Bowl Performance

Lady Gaga Urges J-Lo And Shakira Not To Lip Sync During Super Bowl Performance
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Lady Gaga, the "Poker Face" singer, warned J-Lo and Shakira ahead of their Super Bowl performance to not lip-sync. Gaga, during a Saturday performance at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Florida, urged the two singers to keep it real for the fans.

Fans of the singer know that Lady Gaga is not a fan of lip-syncing at all, which is the practice of using a backing track including background vocals to let on as if the singer is putting on a live performance. Three years ago during the Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga came down from the sky into Houston, which led some people to wonder whether she was really singing.

However, not long after, Lady Gaga released an isolated audio track from the event, proving that it really was her singing. In the past, Super Bowl performances have certainly utilized backing tracks and lip-sync performances as many other performing artists have as well.

In fact, some of the most iconic Super Bowl concerts were lip-synced, including the 1991 Super Bowl featuring Whitney Houston. At the time, the United States was involved in the Gulf War, when patriotism in the US was at an all-time high.

Additionally, ABC News revealed that both Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson have submitted pre-recorded tracks for the national anthem. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers were accused of using backing tracks, which they later admitted to, although, Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer, claims he sang live.

Katy Perry has admitted to miming performances as well, including her Super Bowl show. Beyonce did the same thing. While many outside of the music industry can be quite judgmental about lip-syncing performances, it's become common-place in the industry.

Even hip-hop artists in the modern era often rap over a backing track of their own vocals, with fans appearing to be happy with the half-mimed performance they're watching. Regardless, Lady Gaga seemed to be just joking around.

After Gaga made her comments, she appeared to walk back on them a bit, stating that she loved both J-Lo and Shakira. Germanotta said to the crowd, "they're all champions," in reference to both teams as well as Shakira and J-Lo.

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