Lady Gaga Tempts Fate In Low-Cut Black Dress In Las Vegas — Watch The Video

Lady Gaga Tempts Fate In Low-Cut Black Dress In Las Vegas — Watch The Video
Credit: Source: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga is still busy with her Las Vegas residency and show Engima, but she stopped in to enjoy the jazz stylings of Brian Newman and uploaded a video clip to her official Instagram.

Lady Gaga was dressed to kill wearing a black dress with a brave low cut front. The video was filmed in black and white and you can watch as Lady Gaga joins the band on stage and dances to the music.

Though the jazz was sensational, it was Lady Gaga's dress that had her Instagram fans talking.

Lady Gaga's entire look dazzled and was made complete with a black hat and veil, the black dress that plunged to her navel along with a slit in her skirt that exposed her full leg.

Several fans responded to the look by calling her stunning.
One fan wrote the following.

"I love you so much my goddess❤️ @ladygaga"

Many fans begged for Lady Gaga to make another jazz album.

Lady Gaga captioned the video with the following.

"Celebrating the return of Jazz & Piano with @briannewmanny at his After Dark residency! Love having my jazz boys with me in Vegas ♥️🎶 🎥 @cpxnyc"

Lady Gaga's mood was carefree, energetic, and fun and she could be seen singing, dancing, and even drinking. It looked like everyone had a great time and Brian Newman thanked Lady Gaga on her post.

Brian Newman left the following comment.

"Wow!! This is incredible!! Thank you baby!! Love you SOOO much!!"

There's no doubt that Lady Gaga's shout out sent more people to Brian Newman's Instagram account, and the publicity of Lady Gaga singing with him may bring some more visitors to his Las Vegas show.

Lady Gaga is currently single after her engagement to Christian Carino came to an end.

Many fans thought that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had undeniable chemistry during the making of A Star Is Born.  Now there are new rumors that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's relationship is in trouble and people are already hoping that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will connect.

At this point, there is no indication that Bradley and Lady Gaga will become a couple.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's dress?

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