Lady Gaga Takes Routine Ice Baths For Pain, Health, And Beauty

Lady Gaga Takes Routine Ice Baths For Pain, Health, And Beauty
Credit: Source: Lady Gaga/Instagram

When Lady Gaga fell off the stage while performing with a fan, people were scared. First and foremost, her Little Monsters (as Gaga affectionately calls them) were worried about her health, especially since Mother Monster lives with well-documented chronic pain. Reports surfaced that Lady Gaga wasted no time making sure her health was still on track. After asking her fans and the public not to bully the fan who fell off stage with her and reminding them it was an accident, she had a full-body scan to ensure nothing was injured, fractured, or worse broken.

The next thing she did was share with the public her post-show routine — a ritual that helps her beat pain, promote health, healing and also rejuvenates the body to add beauty benefits — ice therapy.

Lady Gaga performs what many would describe as a grueling ritual of ice baths, followed by a warm bath, then followed by an ice-packed compression suit.

What Lady Gaga does on stage is on par with being an athlete and Mother Monster certainly recovers like one.

Lady Gaga has shared multiple photos and videos of her ice ritual on her Instagram account, where she has more than 37.5 million followers.

Here are photos that show her three-step ritual.

Fortunately for Lady Gaga, she appears to have had a clean bill of health following the fall, but that doesn't mean she is living pain-free. Hopefully, the jolt to her body didn't result in additional pain and soreness. For those who live with chronic pain something that might seem slight or innocuous to others could trigger intense pain.

It is possible that Lady Gaga's routine would give her a "heads up" on the pain she may have experienced from the fall. The benefits from ice baths are tremendous and many athletes rely on this form of cryotherapy.

It is unclear if Lady Gaga has used other forms of cryotherapy such as sitting in a whole-body cryotherapy booth.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's post-show routine? Would you use cryotherapy or take ice baths for your health, to deal with chronic pain, or even as a beauty treatment?

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