Lady Gaga Steps Out In Alberta Ferretti But Fans Are Going Crazy Over Her Bodyguard Peter Van Der Zeen

Lady Gaga Steps Out In Alberta Ferretti But Fans Are Going Crazy Over Her Bodyguard Peter Van Der Zeen
Credit: Source: Alberta Ferretti/Instagram

Shh. Don't tell Bradley Cooper but it looks like he has some competition in the form of Lady Gaga's bodyguard. While Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a sensational outfit from Alberta Ferretti, her fans are obsessing over her hot bodyguard, Peter van der Veen. The hunky protector is from Holland and has served other A-list celebrities besides Lady Gaga including Adele. While Lady is making plenty of headlines, it seems every time Peter gets in a photo alongside Gaga, fans go crazy.

Lady Gaga was leaving her New York hotel when she was seen wearing the Alberta Ferretti outfit and standing next to Peter. Lady Gaga's team refers to the Dutch bodyguard who also models and has his own Instagram page as well as a Twitter fan page, simply as Pete. Yes, folks, it's true. Lady Gaga's bodyguard is practically a celebrity in his own right.

So what does this mean for those who are hopeful Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are soon to go forward with news about a relationship?

While there's no proof that the two are even considering dating, it wouldn't be the first time the two dealt with Peter's ever-watching eye.

Check out the picture of Peter in the background with his 6'3" frame hovering over the most shipped-duo in Hollywood.

When fans see Lady Gaga and Peter together, some start to wonder if they are also a couple. Just Jared shared the photo below of Lady Gaga and Peter and fans freaked out. Though people have asked if the two are dating, this is one strictly professional relationship. There isn't anything that has indicated Lady Gaga and Peter were an item. Peter is a professional bodybuilder and if his blue eyes aren't enough to send Instagram into a meltdown, his shirtless photos will do the trick.

Alberta Ferretti shared two photos showcasing the glamorous outfit and many people responded that they loved the look on Lady Gaga.

You may see those photos below.

In addition to the gold pleated, shirt and Alberta Ferretti jumpsuit, Lady Gaga paired the outfit with high platformed Pleaser Shoes and a Celine purse. Her jewelry is from Annika Inez.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's Alberta Ferretti jumpsuit and her bodyguard Peter van der Veen?


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