Lady Gaga Says She's In Love With Christian Carino!

Lady Gaga Says She's In Love With Christian Carino!

Lady Gaga is in love. Normally, the singer is coy when it comes to expressing her admiration for her significant others, but when it comes to Carino, she appears to be smitten.

After nearly a year of being together, the pop star and her agent are getting serious.

And how do we know this?

After her concert at Citi Field in the Big Apple last week, she had words of praise and endearment for her talent-agent-boyfriend.

Although her concert was plagued by heavy raining, Gaga went on to perform the show as planned as her man watched.

In a report from Page Six, the songstress claimed she went backstage, and Christian was by the stairs to make sure she was ok.

She said, "the best part about being in love is having someone there to catch you when you fall."

Isn't that the cheesiest thing you've ever heard in your life?

Just kidding, but not really.

And while it isn't our intention to be sensationalistic, it's the first time which she's spoken so vehemently regarding her significant other.

Fans of Gaga will remember she broke up with Taylor Kinney in 2016 after several years of being together.

However, Gaga at the time claimed it was "merely a break."

Nevertheless, it turned out to be a long hiatus, as half-a-year later, she had a new man and was spotted kissing him during the weekend of the Super Bowl.

Just 30 days later, Carino was with Gaga again as she celebrated her 31st birthday earlier in the summer.

The couple went to the Hamptons for a low-profile getaway. As for what Taylor is up to lately, Kinney was seen at her concert in Chicago last weekend, sparking many to believe he was trying to get her back!

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