Lady Gaga Reveals How She And Her Friends Have Been Working To Help Slow The Spread Of COVID-19

Lady Gaga Reveals How She And Her Friends Have Been Working To Help Slow The Spread Of COVID-19
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Yesterday, Lady Gaga came back to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to share how she and her man were dealing with the nation's quarantine measures as the world grapples with COVID-19. Billboard reported that Gaga just celebrated her 34th birthday as well.

Gaga stated she and five other people have been hanging out at her office over the last few weeks. The pop-star went on to tell Jimmy that they've been staying in her office just in case they decide they have to work on something.

Fans of Gaga know this isn't the only way she's been working to flatten the curve. It was revealed earlier this week that the singer-songwriter helped organize a Global Citizen/WHO event called One World: Together at Home, which helped to raise $35 million for COVID-19 relief.

While things may be looking bleak at the moment for the rest of the world. Gaga shared that she and her friends have been trying to keep a positive attitude toward everything. The star claimed she and her friends look at each other daily and say, "I love you, I mean it!"

The singer-songwriter added that she's completely aware of all the ways in which people, especially healthcare workers, are making big sacrifices to help slow the spread of coronavirus. According to Gaga, she's been reading many articles about all the people putting their safety at risk and she has nothing but gratitude.

Additionally, the "Poker Star" shared how she just celebrated her 34th birthday while in quarantine. The star claimed she had a cake and a very intimate family dinner.

Gaga, who's clearly been self-aware about this whole thing, claimed that "birthdays are birthdays," they happen every year and it's not a big deal. Worldwide pandemics, however, don't happen nearly as often.

Not every celebrity has been on-the-money when it comes to understanding the general sentiment of the public. Earlier this year, Gal Gadot and a few other celebrities were slammed online for singing a rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" as a way of cheering people up.

Fans called it "tone-deaf," and also poked fun at much of the song's lyrics like "Imagine no possessions," at a time when people are out of work and such a vision isn't hard to imagine.

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