Lady Gaga Reportedly Had To Get X-Rays All Over Her Body Following Tumble Off Stage

Lady Gaga Reportedly Had To Get X-Rays All Over Her Body Following Tumble Off Stage
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Reported by Page Six, Lady Gaga apparently had to undergo several X-rays following her tumble off stage on Thursday night. As it was previously reported, Lady Gaga had fallen off the stage earlier this week and took a fan along for the ride.

On her social media account this past Friday, the 33-year-old wrote that doctors had to x-ray her entire body. The star went on to tell her fans that she was doing great, urging her fans, in reference to one of her classic songs, "Just Dance. Gonna be ok."

Despite being in pain, Gaga still managed to head over to her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno's bachelorette party. The star wrote on her social media that she couldn't miss her friend's bachelorette party, even though she was fighting the pain.

As it was noted above, Lady Gaga and a fan fell off the stage at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. The singer jumped into the arms of one of her fans, whose name was Jack. Audience members helped her get back up and she resumed the show.

Due to the fact many people were recording the performance, Lady Gaga reassured her fan that if anybody on social media was making fun of him for falling, then she was going to be "very upset" with all of them.

In addition to her fall off the stage, Lady Gaga shared a cryptic social media post this weekend in which she stated she was a "single lady," prompting users to question whether or not she's still in a relationship with Dan Horton.

Since the rumors of their split began, neither Lady Gaga nor Horton has explained the situation to any of their fans on social media. It was back in July when they first stoked gossip rumors following an outing in Los Angeles in which they were spotted kissing during brunch.

A source who spoke with People Magazine stated that Gaga and the audio engineer had been cuddling up to one another. Previously, paparazzi captured photos of the pair hanging out at the concert of The Cure and The Pixies in Pasadena, California.

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