Lady Gaga: Latest Photo Of Bradley Cooper With 'Lipstick' On His Face Goes Viral

Lady Gaga: Latest Photo Of Bradley Cooper With 'Lipstick' On His Face Goes Viral
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Apparently, Lady Gaga can roll her eyes all she wants at hints of a romance with Bradley Cooper but that isn't going to stop the rumors from swirling. Gaga's fans are convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that what she and Bradley are displaying in public emanates from one of the truest and rarest forms of love. Gaga might call it acting but fans say otherwise and now they have what they believe is the evidence to prove it.

A newly surfaced fan photo showing Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper attending a premiere for A Star is Born has gone viral due to what some say is incriminating evidence.

Bradley and Lady Gaga appear in the photo side by side and all seems innocent enough until you look closely at Bradley Cooper's face, particularly around the mouth area.

Visibly noticeable are bright red lipstick smears that coincidentally match the shade Lady Gaga is seen wearing.

Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe it's someone else's lipstick.

Or maybe, as many fans continue saying, things are a little more intimate between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga then they want people to believe.

No one knows for sure and if the two are involved they certainly aren't sharing the details.

Fans are going crazy over the new picture and can't believe that Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga are still saying there is nothing going on between them other than a working relationship.

As the photo continues to go viral, more fans are swooning over what they believe is a match made in heaven. Though Bradley Cooper shares a one-year-old daughter with model Irina Shayk, many are still rooting for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to solidify their love and go public.

Some have said that Bradley Cooper brought out the actress in Lady Gaga and likewise she brought out the director in him.

What do you think about the hype between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga? Does their on and off-screen chemistry convince you that the two are involved in an intimate relationship?

Do you think Bradley Cooper is wearing Lady Gaga's lipstick on his face?

Stay tuned for more on this story as more details continue to emerge.

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