Lady Gaga Is Head Over Heels With Her New Man!

Lady Gaga Is Head Over Heels With Her New Man!

Lady Gaga has found herself a new man and she is crazy in love. According to new reports, the singer is totally head over heels with her new lover, Christian Carino!

As fans may already know, Gaga was in a bad relationship before and she finally is in a nice place with the Italian agent. It’s pretty obvious as well – the pictures taken by the paparazzi of them out and about show the singer with a huge smile, obviously happy in the man’s company!

But the pop star wasn’t even looking for love after ending her flaming affair with Kinney. Even though it seemed like there was a spark between them, in the end, it all simply flamed out.

According to an insider, her new man makes her a lot more “comfortable,” as opposed to Kinney for whom she had to do pretty much everything to make it work – all by herself!

“When Gaga was with Taylor,
she had to do everything. She was always flying off to Chicago to see him,” the insider stated.

“But Christian is a very take charge guy.”

In addition, he is also 17 years older than her and that makes him more mature and reliable and Gaga more relaxed in the relationship. She can now stay back and enjoy their romance without too much effort as he treats her with care and is very attentive.

Another source has also revealed that because he is Italian her family is very happy as well. Win-win!

Not to mention that both “Being based in L.A. has also made it easier for them to spend time together!”

“She isn’t looking back now.”

It seems like she has no reason to! Do you think Gaga has found the one?

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    [email protected] Apr 13, 2017 10:10 PM PDT

    It would make sense she would end up with her father.

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