Lady Gaga Documentary 'Gaga: Five Foot Two' Now Streaming On Netflix, Is Madonna Watching?

Lady Gaga Documentary 'Gaga: Five Foot Two' Now Streaming On Netflix, Is Madonna Watching?
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Lady Gaga's documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two is now streaming on Netflix and early reaction to the movie is good. While many people will watch the documentary that gives a raw, personal look into the pop star's life, there's one person who might want to make a special note to see the film: Madonna. The movie doesn't waste time delving into Lady Gaga's life, pain, and music, and early into the film, Gaga speaks about the media feud between Gaga and Madonna. According to Gaga, Madonna has never personally spoken to her about any issues or complaints the 80's diva might have with her.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, the documentary shows us life through Gaga's life and it isn't as glamorous as one might first believe.

The documentary opens with fans getting a quick look at Lady Gaga as she does mundane tasks like waking up in the morning, eating, and then shows that chronic pain is something Gaga deals with on a daily basis.

Lady Gaga wrote the song "Million Reasons" for her album Joanne, and you can see her playing it for her producer for the first time. Gaga also speaks about being a woman in the music business and how some producers use a woman's sexuality to sell music. Lady Gaga put her own spin on her sexuality to remain in control.

Though some critics have shared negative reviews about Gaga: Five Foot Two  this documentary is unquestionably a fan favorite. While some reviews argue that the documentary is too self-centered, fans won't mind because they want to learn more about the artist. IMDB has given  Gaga: Five Foot Two  a current rating of 8.4 indicating the fans love it.

The film itself is artistic and when Gaga earlier described the documentary as a work of art, she was correct. Each take blends seamlessly together, even though you are watching different segments of Gaga's life, everything feels connected.

Gaga: Five Foot Two  does give us a bit of a look inside Lady Gaga's mind and we quickly see that money and fame doesn't bring the cliche happiness people are too quick to assume that it does. Gaga has her fair share of issues to deal with while protecting her creativity, art, and music, but the chronic pain and loneliness she deals with keeps reminding her, and audiences, that she is only human.

At the heart of  Gaga: Five Foot Two  is the reality that Stephanie Germanotta entered life a musical prodigy and she is one of the greatest talents this generation will see. She effortlessly sings and writes music that continues to touch hearts, lives, and even changes minds.

Did you watch Gaga: Five Foot Two ? If so, please share your thoughts on the documentary below. If you haven't watched it yet are you planning to? It is streaming on Netfix now.

What do you think? Should Madonna watch Gaga: Five Foot Two and maybe get back to Lady Gaga to either make peace or tell her off to her face, instead of letting the media speak for her?

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