Lady Gaga Delivers Inspirational 'Dear Class Of 2020' Speech And Compares Racism To Nature!

Lady Gaga Delivers Inspirational 'Dear Class Of 2020' Speech And Compares Racism To Nature!
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Lady Gaga addressed the class of 2020 amid this quarantine as well as during the George Floyd protests in a re-recorded speech and her words were very powerful. The singer stressed that the graduates are watching a ‘pivotal moment’ in the history of the country.

She made sure to touch upon the systemic racism that the black community in America has been hurt by for such a long time.

From a podium installed in her own house, the star told graduates that ‘You are watching a pivotal moment in this country’s evolution. You are watching society change in an important way. This change will be slow and we'll have to be patient. But change will happen and it'll have to be for the better. When I looked passed the rage I feel about the systemic oppression, physical and emotional violence that's tortured the Black community endlessly, my mind turned to nature.’

She went on to compare racism in the United States with seeds which, upon being planted, have grown to be living branches and leaves.

‘This forest is who we are and where we all live…I make this analog between racism and nature in because it is as pervasive and as real as nature. All of us are challenged to change the system and think about how to effect real change,’ Gaga went on to say, building upon another message she’d shared on her social media platform earlier this week.

As for actual, positive change, she mentioned three main things that are needed – time, effort and divine grace.

She continued her nature comparison, talking about new ways of ‘watering’ this noble movement in each and every one of us as a choice of growing above those poisonous seeds.

‘Right now, more than usual — we are trying to talk to each other. If we do not listen, we do not learn. Congratulations to the class of 2020, I cannot wait to see your forest,’ she stated in the conclusion of her inspirational, nature-themed message.

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