Lady Gaga Delivered Impressive Coachella Performance But Ruined It At The End

Lady Gaga Delivered Impressive Coachella Performance But Ruined It At The End
Source: NME

Lady Gaga’s act at Coachella was pretty amazing, but the 31-years old singer somehow managed to destroy it at the end, when she was on the edge of the glory.

The “Alejandro” singer stepped on stage on Saturday night in front of the biggest crowd at Coachella and displayed a thrilling and complex performance.

It was scary, wild, filled with aggression, all that we would have expected from Lady Gaga. But towards the end, the singer made some poor song choices and even put on a promotional plug.

She started with a song whose title in German can translate as “Crap,” a cut from her 2011 album “Born This Way.” It was quite surprising, but the crowd liked it, and the energy grew fast.

She then remade “Just Dance” as a slamming hard-rock tune, before combining Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” with “LoveGame” and dedicating “John Wayne” to all the “dangerous men” who attend music festivals.

Before singing the title track from “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga spoke about what this song meant for her LGBTQ fans and how much trouble it caused when the record was released. Confident like always, she added that luckily for her, she loves causing trouble.

With songs like “Venus”, “A-Yo”, “Sexxx Dreams” or “Telephone”, Gaga managed to create some intense vibes, but what goes up, must come down.

She made some poor song choices, including performing “The Edge of Glory” as a dreary piano ballad and singing “Million Reasons” in its EDM-remix form.

To finish things off, Lady Gaga took a minute to speak to the crowd. What she had to say? That her new song “The Cure” was available to download on iTunes. A quite sad ending, we'd say...

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